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Fraud is a big problem in today's business world. Every year more than 180,000 fraud cases are reported in Sweden and the number is increasing rapidly. The crimes could be anything from benefit fraud of a few thousand SEK to advanced credit fraud of several million SEK. Only about 10 percent of fraud crimes are solved.

Another challenge is that many frauds are never reported. One reason is that companies don't want to disclose the huge losses and weaknesses in their business structure. Another reason is that companies do not discover them and instead handle them as traditional loan write-offs. Dun & Bradstreet's analyses have shown that 10 percent of all credit losses are due to fraud.

Dun & Bradstreet's solutions enable you to detect fraud in time and to actively choose the right customers.

Bisnode's solutions for avoiding fraud are in part based on pattern recognition and network analysis. Bisnode analyzes bankruptcies to identify companies and board members with high risk. Frauds often follow repeating patterns. Through our dynamic set of regulations, you are warned about those who may pose a risk and therefore should be investigated before initiating a business relationship.

Bisnode offers:

  • Assessment of new business relations based on fraud indicators
  • Identification of risk behavior in your current customer portfolio
  • Advice on risk, money laundering and fraud

Bisnode's solutions enable credit decisions based on relevant and updated information. By creating security in lending, you avoid losses and increase profitability. With an integrated solution, you can evaluate a potential customer's creditworthiness while analyzing the risk of fraud. This gives you a complete overview and enables you to confidently say yes to the right customers.

Identifying credit risk is not just about analyzing new business partners but also about constantly keeping track of existing customers. With Bisnode's solutions, your customers are monitored daily and you get early warnings when mergers, bankruptcies, cancellations, rating changes and other events take place. By including fraud risk monitoring, your decision-making data is complete. This way you will know who you are doing business with and can optimize both credit management and customer relations.